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Hôm nay chúng ta sẽ tham khảo vài cụm từ khi bàn luận về nội dung “Film” trong tiếng Anh nhé. Những cụm từ này hay và bổ ích cho các bạn đang luyện thi IELTS ý.
• a beautiful story by one of the best filmmakers of our generation
• a fantastic movie with great writing/acting/performances
• a film that oozes brilliance/emotion/intrigue
• a fine, well-crafted story that is highly enjoyable
• a movie that breaks the mould
• a must-see for those who enjoy ___
• a powerful film that is heart-breaking/touching/thought-provoking
• a script worthy of the actor’s dramatic talents
• a unique and thought-provoking film about ___
• a well-chosen cast that brings the story to life
• behind the scenes
• bravo!
• brilliant in conception and execution
• filmed on-location
• good but not great
• keeps the viewer guessing/thinking/on edge
• movie magic
• nearly perfect in every way
• the actress delivers a noteworthy performance
• the characters’ stories intersect and ___
• the film creates a sense of heightened ___
• the film is a metaphor for ___ and ___
• the film is a metaphor for the way people ___
• the film is a moving tale/portrayal of ___
• the film is a visual marvel
• the film is an extraordinary testament/production/portrayal/depiction
• the film leads the viewer to believe ___
• the film reveals a ___ and ___ story about ___
• the movie accomplishes everything it sets out to do/its mission
• the movie accomplishes the difficult task of ___
• the movie breathes life into the stale genre of ___
• the movie captures ___ in all of its glory
• the movie captures the essence of ___
• the movie develops into a non-stop thrill ride
• the movie develops smoothly/slowly/thoughtfully/precisely
• the movie dramatizes the hero’s struggle/fight/battle
• the movie dramatizes the story of ___
• the movie enchants with every element/plot/acting/scenery/music
• the movie enchants you from the beginning
• the movie excites me just thinking about it
• the movie excites the passions/senses/the viewer’s interests
• the movie explores the oppositional forces of ___ and ___
• the movie explores what it truly means to ___
• the movie forces us to consider the power of ___
• the movie forces you to pay attention
• the movie illustrates the power of ___
• the movie illustrates the writer’s main points of ___ and ___
• the movie immerses the movie goer in the adventures of ___
• the movie immerses us in the history of ___/a universe of ___
• the movie makes you feel ___
• the movie makes you think
• the movie plays on the cultural icon of ___
• the movie plays on your emotions
• the movie reveals a ___ story about ___
• the movie reveals an unexpected plot twist
• the movie urges us to reexamine ___
• the movie urges you to see beyond ___
• the plot tugs at your emotions
• the storyline of ____ is smooth and it grabs you
• the two leads interact with each in a ___ way
• this movie is the total package
• well worth viewing

Source: Paul Newson

Vinh Danh Học Viên

Phạm Hữu Nhân – IELTS 7.5

Chúc mừng bạn Phạm Hữu Nhân đã đạt thành quả cao trong kỳ thi IELTS ngày 09/01/2014 vừa qua.

– Listening: 7.5.

– Reading: 8.0.

– Writing: 6.0.

– Speaking: 7.5.

       ==> Overall: 7.5


– Một phần quà nho nhỏ từ Anh ngữ ICA dành cho Hữu Nhân.

Cảm ơn Hữu Nhân và chúc bạn thành công với những dự định trong tương lai nhé!

(Học Viện Anh Ngữ ICA)

Vinh Danh Học Viên

Võ Trần Thanh Huy – IELTS 6.5

Học Viện Anh Ngữ ICA xin chúc mừng bạn Võ Trần Thanh Huy đã đạt được điểm số IELTS 6.5: Listening: 7.0, Reading: 6.0, Speaking: 6.5, Writing: 5.5



Vinh Danh Học Viên

Vũ Dương Trung Cang – IELTS 6.5

ICA xin chúc mừng bạn “Vũ Dương Trung Cang” đã đạt kết quả trong kỳ thi IELTS vừa qua với số điểm 6.5 cả 4 kỹ năng!
Kết quả test trước khi học tại ICA: Reading 4.5, Listening 6.5, Writing 5.
Sau khi tham dự khóa luyện thi cấp tốc trong 20 ngày tại ICA, kết quả kỳ thi IELTS chính thức mà bạn đạt được : Reading 6.5, Listening 6.5, Writing 6.5, Speaking 6.5. Thật tuyệt phải không nào!