Practice Listening English


Mời các bạn cùng luyện kỹ năng nghe ở trình độ Beginners.

Lesson 1: Meet Nanju

Nanju answers questions about his life.

Nanju (India)
Todd (USA)

Todd: OK, Hello!

Nanju: Hello!

Todd: Hi, what’s your name?

Nanju: Yeah, my name is Nanju.

Todd: Nanju. Nanju, how do you spell you name?

Nanju: Yeah, my name is like N-A-N-J-U.

Todd: Oh, OK. That’s a nice name. Nanju. And where are you from?

Nanju: I’m from Madras.

Todd: Madras!

Nanju: It’s in India.

Todd: Madras. What part of India?

Nanju: It’s in the South India.

Todd: South India.

Nanju: South India.

Todd: And how long have you been in Japan?

Nanju: The past four months I am here and working in somewhere, working.

Todd: OK, and what do you do in Japan?

Nanju: It’s normal, a software engineer.

Todd: Software engineer. Oh, you can help me with my computer.

Nanju: No, nothing. Just I know how to program and that’s it.

Todd: Were you always good at computers when you were young?

Nanju: Yeah, I might be, from the 12th standard. like 18th years. From 18 years I am working with the computer.

Practice Listening:


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